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Menofitness Directory ONLY offer services from Menofitness Certified Fitness Professionals, Naturopaths, Natural Hormone Doctors and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists specialising in menopause.

As a woman 40+, finding a new health or fitness service that specialises in menopause shouldn't be hard. You should be able to find multiple services, multiple suppliers all in the one place.

At Menofitness Directory you can!

Menofitness Directory allows you to search in your area for Menofitness Certified Fitness Professionals that specialise in menopause and fitness; Menofitness Personal Trainers, Menofitness Hormone Enhancement Coaches and other Hormone Specialists as well; Naturopaths, Natural Hormone Doctors and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists.

Menofitness Directory allows you to see current promotions from our certified menopause and fitness providers, the services they provide, a location map, opening hours, contact details and ratings of the fitness service from other customers all from the click of a mouse. You can even contact them directly, without having to leave the site.

Find a Menofitness Personal Trainer!

Our Personal Trainers are certified by Menofitness in menopause and fitness and can answer all your questions like:

WHY your waistline is suddenly disappearing and WHY you can’t lose that unwanted fat even though you are working out so hard and watching what you eat?

Now you have the unique opportunity to have a personal trainer that appreciates, cares and understands how transitioning into your menopause years can profoundly affect the way you must exercise in order for you to burn that menopausal weight gain.

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Find a Menofitness Hormone Enhancement Coach!

Our Hormone Enhancement Coaches are certified Menofitness Personal Trainers that have partnered with Menofitness to offer women 40+ the very first, very unique 4 Week Hormone Enhancement Program.

The Hormone Enhancement Program is a "hormones-first approach" not an "eat less, exercise more approach" to hormone balance, menopausal fat loss and overall good health at 40+.

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Find a Naturopath!

Not losing that menopausal weight gain like you want to even though you think you are doing all the right things?

Hormone balance is a key to breakthrough fat loss. You may just need the services of a Naturopath that specialises in the relief of menopausal weight gain and other symptoms.

Using natural medicines such as herbs, nutrition, massage, lifestyle adjustments, Homeopathy, Bach Flowers and iridology, the Naturopathic approach aims to provide the ideal conditions in which your body can completely heal.

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Find a Natural Hormone Doctor!

Most doctors or GP's only offer “band-aid” solutions for PMS symptoms and menopause without giving you any education on what you are being prescribed and why.

Many seem to think that HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is the only option because that’s all their doctor will prescribe. There are other menopause treatment options available to you. You may just need the services of a Doctor that specialises in natural hormones for menopause.

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Find a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists

Childbirth and changing hormones leading into menopause can bring about unexpected physical changes like incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists provide women access to quality health professional information about pelvic floor safe exercise and pelvic floor health while empowering you to stay active and exercise safely for your pelvic floor health, and overall physical strength, fitness and wellbeing.

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