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Are Menopausal Aches & Pains a Part of Your Daily ‘Normal’?


back-problemsHow many of us have woken ready to spring out of bed and attack the day like a ferocious tiger only to find that as soon as we take that first step the lower back gives you a stabbing reminder that it is not going anywhere.  You struggle with gruffled moans and groans to try and straighten up before you even attempt to take that first step of the day knowing

very well that your knees are also out to get you….

Many women first report joint pain when they are in perimenopause or approaching menopause. The hormone shifts that occur during this transition, especially fluctuating estrogen levels, can impact how our joints feel. Because estrogen normally has an anti-inflammatory effect in the body, falling estrogen levels also exacerbate the symptoms of chronic inflammation.

Stress is also an issue. Cortisol, the hormone released in response to stress, works as an inflammatory agent. Sustained stress — the kind most of us experience — can cause inflammation to spread like wildfire.

Other influencing factors that have a great impact on the aches and pains that they feel are:  how well we sleep, osteoarthritis, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise or overused tight muscles.

These women dont have to suffer at all…

There is a solution to ending pain.

Finding a menopause and fitness expert that understands and has an easy step by step program that will help you eliminate these unwanted menopausal symptoms the challenges that you are facing on a daily basis is the very first step.

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December 10, 2013


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