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Where to begin to get the results you want at 40+


womenHello and welcome to Menofitness!

Being proactive and taking responsibility for yourself in your quest to find the answers to your menopausal questions is the very first step in your journey as a woman 40+, so I congratulate you.

You have finally come to the right place!

Menopause and the treatment of menopausal symptoms is such a controversial subject. It is almost like a subject that is taboo, women are scared of it as it is sadly, in our culture, associated with getting old, men don’t want to know about it and well the kids just think their mum is going psycho… no one cares and yet the rippling effect of menopause is unbelievably huge.


why do women 40+ suffer in silence, left wondering??????

We don’t have to… finding out what you need to do for your body and getting some specific direction can be a major game changer for you right now.

Learning how to stabilise your whole endocrine system and changing your metabolism from ageing to anti-aging can be the difference between staying where you are right now or moving forward to a more exciting healthier life that you deserve and want.

Menofitness trainers are a great resource because they can identify what state your body is in hormonally, what it needs nutritionally and physically to tailor an anti-ageing lifestyle plan specifically for you as an individual.

This is extremely important because “one size DOES NOT fit all” when it comes to fat loss and good health at 40+. Every 40+ woman has their own unique challenges and fitness levels that need to be addressed separately to gain the desired results.

You don’t have to ride the hormonal roller coaster or be a menopausal martyr any more. There are things you can do safely and effectively to keep you in balance and take control of your life again.

You CAN manage menopause and fitness by getting the right help.

Work with your Menofitness trainer; give them a call and you will find they really understand and care about you.

Oh and remember to grab a copy of my e-book… the solution is right there!

Always Smiling
Lyn x

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December 10, 2013


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