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    Albert Rania

    I am a certified Personal Trainer registered with Fitness Australia. I am also a certified Menofitness Trainer. I am the founder of Albert R Fitness

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    47A Horbury Street Sans Souci NSW More Details

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    Alicia Sagar

    Level 3 Registered Fitness Professional Fitness Australia. (Gym Instructor, Personal trainer, Older Adults Trainer). Qualifications: Certificate III &

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    Hunter Valley NSW Australia More Details
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    Belinda Savage

    I am a personal trainer, working in a very small country town, therefore my clients range in age, size, shape, fitness levels, and I have really

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    Cobden Victoria Australia More Details
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    Benita Barwick

    Qualifications: Level 2 Exercise Professional cert III and IV in Fitness, Certificate in Menopause and Fitness

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    Townsville Queensland More Details
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    Bev Short

    If you’re struggling with menopausal symptoms which prevent you from enjoying life fully, weight gain you can’t budge, poor sleep, tiredness, afternoon

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    Wellington, New Zealand More Details
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    Bronwen Edwards

    Hi I’m Bronwen , owner of “What a Life – creating healthy women”. We specialise in women’s health and fitness, particularly over 40′s. I am a Cert 3 &

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    Murray Street, Wilston QLD 4051, Australia More Details
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    Carole van Dijk

    Qualifications : Qualified Exercise Professional, AIF Master Trainer, AIF Cert III & IV, Menofitness Trainer (Specialising in menopause), Certified Gym

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    Darwin More Details
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    Cathy Marsh

    I completed a Master trainer qualification from the Australian Institute of Fitness seven years ago and am currently registered with Fitness Australia.

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    canberra More Details
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    Cathy McGillivray

    Fit Beyond 50 Personal training studios are located on Bribie Island and offer private personalised health & fitness in one on one training and small

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    Kangaroo Avenue, Bongaree, Bribie Island More Details
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    Christine Sammut

    Want to learn the skills of how to lose excess body fat, which most women seem to store around their midsection once you hit menopause? Want to learn

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    NSW Central Coast - Woongarrah More Details
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    I have been a Trainer/Mentor/Nutrition Coach for many clients within Perth and have had over 10 years experience in Personal Training and Coaching. I run a

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    4/71 Simper Rd ,Yangebup,Western Australia More Details
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    Certificate IV in Fitness. Certificate in Fitness for Older Adults. Registered with Fitness Australia no. 054694. Specialises in fitness for women over 50

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    East Geelong Victoria More Details
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    Deborah Miller

    Level Registered Fitness Professional Fitness Australia ( Gym Instructor Personal trainer Older Adults Trainer ). QUALIFICATIONS Certificate III & IV

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    NORTH RICHMOND NSW 2754 More Details
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    Deborah Yffer

    I specialise in over 50s women, providing personal training to increase strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. I am 61 and know what a difference

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    Maleny Queensland More Details
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    Di Jorgensen-Khan

    Business owner/operator for over 10 years. Qualifications: Menofitness, Exercise & Pregnancy, Nutrition, Polar Heart Rate Training, Punchfit

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    Clifton Springs Victoria Australia 3222 More Details
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    Emanuela Moreale

    Personal Trainer / holistic therapist specialising in Pilates, yoga, tai chi, lifestyle coaching and passionate about helping women rediscover their vitality!

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    Leicester, UK More Details
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    Emma Polette

    I am a 40 something personal trainer, yoga teacher & health coach based in Alban Western Australia. I am obsessed with helping women over 40 achieve

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    280 York Street Albany More Details
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    Fiona Compston

    I know what it’s like to experience the menopause…I’m still experiencing hot flashes! And I have successfully overcome many menopausal

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    Hornsby More Details
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    Fiona Heart

    I am a personal trainer, Profemme practitioner and Menofitness trainer and a LIFECOACH to boot. I am passionate about helping women live a full and

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    Kew East More Details