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Albert Rania

  • August 31, 2014 12:42 am
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    Albert Rania

    I am a certified Personal Trainer registered with Fitness Australia. I am also a certified Menofitness Trainer. I am the founder of Albert R Fitness Solutions. Albert R Fitness Solutions is a registered business with Fitness Australia.

    Albert R Fitness Solutions is your in person (selected areas) and online complete personal training, nutrition (from our nutritional team) & meal planning lifestyle program that can be accessed by you from any where in the world! You will receive workout plan from me your personal trainer as well as a tailor-made meal-plan designed for you by a team of highly trained and qualified nutritionists and dietitians so you can reach your health and fitness goals safely and effectively. All designed just for you around your schedule and likes as well as dislikes. Yes this is all about YOU feeling invigorated,inspired and wanting to come back for more every time!

    I believe that there is more to health and fitness then just the scales
    or tape measures and training sessions. I believe personal training is
    about YOU. You are unique therefore you deserve a specific life plan
    just for you. I believe you deserve to feel invigorated, motivated,
    inspired in a safe and supportive environment. I believe health and
    fitness should enhance your quality of life and be designed around and
    for you! I believe in YOU! 

    Ph: 0423 280 567
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    Albert R Fitness Solutions

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