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    Sumandip Kaur

    I am a personal trainer and my focus is on training ladies reach their fitness and health goals. I am also a qualified pharmacist and have done my diploma

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    Berwick More Details
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    Kelly Bray

    Vitality Fitness Bunbury – Health Coach, Personal Trainer (General PT, Older Client, Teens and Children) and Menofitness Trainer.

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    Bunbury WA 6230, Australia More Details
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    Hilary Jones

    As a post menopausal personal trainer I am only too aware of the issues we women face when going through the various “stages” of our

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    Gravesend, Kent More Details
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    Christine Sammut

    Want to learn the skills of how to lose excess body fat, which most women seem to store around their midsection once you hit menopause? Want to learn

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    NSW Central Coast - Woongarrah More Details
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    Helen Russell

    A registered Fitness Australia Exercise Professional with over 20 years experience; Gym Instructor, Group Exercise Freestyle, Group Exercise

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    Mount McIntyre SA More Details
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    Wilma Bernasco

    I’m a personal trainer who completed the menofitness course. It makes me aware of how to train those women who are in their menopause.

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    glen waverley More Details
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    Susan Reid

    Mature trainer, with over thirty years experience, who loves helping women meet their health and fitness goals. Currently assisting women from 40 to 80

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    Wollongong NSW More Details
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    Jennifer Townley

    I am a cert IV Health and fitness trainer with a passion for training women in the 40+ age group. I have just recently turned 50 and feel wonderful and

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    Mackay More Details
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    Jan Nelson

    Personal Fitness Trainer specialising in women’s health – private in home studio in a warm and friendly environment - understanding mother of

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    2/583 Esplanade Mt Martha More Details
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    I am a certified menopause trainer and have been a certified Personal Trainer for over 16 years, I am also a certified Life Coach and combine all 3 to get

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    Caulfield in Victoria More Details
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    Wendy Van Oosten

    Train in comfort in a private studio in a green leafy setting. Offering a range of personal training, group fitness, belly dance and qigong classes.

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    8 sherwood court drouin More Details
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    Sharyn Wright

    I call myself a ‘Movement Coach (rather than a PT) as my focus is for you to move better and feel better after each session. The connection between your

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    16 Graham Road, Carseldine More Details
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    Emma Polette

    I am a 40 something personal trainer, yoga teacher & health coach based in Alban Western Australia. I am obsessed with helping women over 40 achieve

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    280 York Street Albany More Details
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    Bev Short

    If you’re struggling with menopausal symptoms which prevent you from enjoying life fully, weight gain you can’t budge, poor sleep, tiredness, afternoon

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    Wellington, New Zealand More Details