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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following sets out the terms and conditions applying to your use of MenofitnessDirectory.com

1 Site Information

While we carry out reasonable checks on all of the information given to us to display on our site, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of information on our site as the content may be written by the subscribers of MenofitnessDirectory.com
Menofitness will not accept any sexual content on its website and if found will be removed immediately.

2 Services

Menofitness acts as a directory and to enable you to list your services with Menofitness. We use Paypal as a payment merchant as they provide the best online payment security for our clients.

3 Changes to Listings and Payments

MenofitnessDirectory.com allows you to make changes to your listing at any given time using your Login. We do not accept refunds for change of mind.

4 Disputes

We will try to resolve any complaints or issues you may have concerning the services in which Menofitness provide. Please forward any complaints to:
(a) by mail to Disputes, Elearn Fitness Pty Ltd, 8 White Cap Close, Pacific Pines, QLD 4211, Australia or;
(b) by email to info@menofitness.net

5 Copyright

This site is the copyrighted property of Elearn Fitness Pty Ltd and may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, modified, transmitted or distributed without the written permission of Menofitness. This includes all logos and images that are property of Elearn Fitness Pty Ltd.

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