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Why Us?

The Menofitness Directory Difference!

At Menofitness Directory we want to help you take the guess work out of menopause and fitness and that menopausal weight gain.

That’s why we… ONLY offer services from Menofitness Certified Fitness Professionals, Naturopaths, Natural Hormone Doctors and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist specialising in menopause.

This way you know that you are getting quality individualised services that actually help you as you transition through your menopausal years from professionals that understand and care.

Menofitness Directory want to make sure you are getting the correct, up-to-date  information and education on menopause and fitness and how you can best manage that menopausal weight gain.  That’s why we allow our certified menopause and fitness experts to upload any promotions they may have, plus you can start your journey faster by being able to contact our menopause and fitness experts straight from the Menofitness Directory website.

You don’t have to ride the hormonal roller coaster or be a menopausal martyr any more.  There are things you can do safely and effectively to keep you in balance and take control of your life again.

You CAN manage menopause and fitness by getting the right help with us!


So What Menopause and Fitness Experts Can You Search For?

1. Menofitness Personal Trainers
2. Menofitness Hormone Enhancement Coaches
3. Naturopaths
4. Natural Hormone Doctors
5. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist


Considering Listing Your Business!

The Menofitness Directory is for Menofitness certified Personal Trainers only and for Naturopaths and Doctors specialising in hormones and menopause.

Menofitness Directory offers a comprehensive online marketing service at a very competitive price. Our sole aim is to get our clients as many new leads as possible. We do this through both our website and our very strong social media channels.

Menofitness Directory offer businesses within the health and fitness industry the opportunity to expand their business within a perfectly targeted online environment.

Menofitness Directory offers an affordable yet effective service to businesses looking to increase their client base.